H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami

Disciple of HDG A. C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada

HDG A. C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada

Founder-Acarya of the International Society
for Krishna Consciousness


Quotes by

H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja

?The habit of criticizing devotees is like cancer. One may think that I'm doing it for many years but nothing has happened. Cancer can stay in the body for many years undetected before it finally strikes. This habit of fault-finding and duplicitous behavior keeps increasing with time. Under the influence of maya we think everything is alright but actually the disease is spreading before it finally strikes.


The spiritual master is like a spiritual postman. He delivers the message of Godhead, which is coming through the disciplic succession, intact without any distortion. It is the desire of the spiritual master to see the disciple make spiritual advancement; get more attached to K?rsna and less attached to ??m?aya. Therefore, one should with faith, accept the instructions of the Spiritual master recognizing that they are for one’s benefit.


Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has given us the philosophy of trnadapi sunicena which means to become tolerant. If someone has offended you, insulted you or blasphemed you, the Lord has witnessed everything. What is the point of you focusing on someone's offense and how you can take revenge. ?Focus on seeing good in all the devotees instead of their faults. ?


The best thing is to just concentrate on the sound vibration of Hare Krsna. Just try to hear attentively. The Holy name is non-different from the Lord. When we try to hear the Holy name, the Lord slowly manifests Himself in our mind. So just chant and hear. That's all.


In the material world, we all have to suffer from seven kinds of miseries whether one is a Spiritual Master or not. The difference is that a Spiritual Master uses his body to serve the Lord. A Spiritual Master's body is spiritual in the sense that he uses his life to follow the instructions of the Lord and by his own example, he gives the same instructions. We should not think that if a Spiritual Master is sick, his body is not spiritual. This body becomes spiritual when it is used in the service of the Lord. You can also make your body spiritual if you use all your body parts and senses in serving the Lord.


"?? ?We can develop the mood of serving for the pleasure of Guru and Gauranga by serving. Sometimes devotees ask, ""How can we increase our taste in Harinama?"" This happens when we chant. How to increase our taste for sastras? By reading sastras. Practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, when we serve, our desire to serve increases and we become humble. ?We can develop the mood of serving for the pleasure of Guru and Gauranga by serving. Sometimes devotees ask, ""How can we increase our taste in Harinama?"" This happens when we chant. How to increase our taste for sastras? By reading sastras. ""Practice makes a man perfect"". Similarly, when we serve, our desire to serve increases and we become humble."


For one who is on the spiritual path, the regulation is non-violence. One should not inconvenience even an ant. It is an austerity for the body to not cause anxiety to any other living entity and we should all practice this austerity.


Devotees who are expert in book distribution should train those who are new or weak. This is how the teachings of parampara are passed on.


A devotee should always be humble. Sometimes devotees feel that if they are humble, people will exploit them. Therefore, they have to be arrogant. Even if you are exploited in devotional service and are asked to serve more, you are ultimately going to benefit from the service rendered.


Sravanam and kirtanam form the basis of our spiritual life. If our sravanam and kirtanam is lacking or is weak then it doesn’t matter how much ability we have — we wouldn’t be able to go too deep on the spiritual path.


The process of devotional service begins with sravanam and kirtanam. Sravanam and kirtanam includes hearing of the holy name. The holy name is our most important possession and it is the key to spiritual advancement. Therefore, our goal should be to hear and chant the holy name all the time. More attentive we are in hearing the holy name, faster would be our spiritual advancement.


When there is unlimited spiritual bliss then we won’t think about material bliss. We only think about material bliss when we are lacking in spiritual bliss and the root cause of spiritual happiness is attentive sravanam and kirtanam. And the root cause of material sense gratification even after initiation is weak hearing and chanting. Attentive hearing and chanting are must for spiritual advancement.


The tenth offense to the holy name is to maintain material attachment in spite of chanting the holy name. Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura explains that the tenth offense has a second part to it – to be inattentive while chanting the holy name. We should be very attentive while chanting the holy name. Being attentive means that we carefully hear what we are chanting. If the chanting is attentive and regular, then ceto-darpana-marjanam will take place i.e. cleansing of the heart would take place very fast. Along with that there would be realization of unlimited spiritual bliss.


The tongue and the ear are closely related. Hearing is solidified by the process of chanting. One who has perfectly heard from the perfect source becomes convinced about the all-pervading Personality of Godhead and thus becomes enthusiastic in glorifying the Lord.


The best service which we can perform is Chanting the holy names of Lord. Sometimes devotees ask that please give us some service. The most important service is Chanting your 16 rounds very nicely. On Ekadashi and other auspicious occasions, try to chant 25. This is the most important service for us devotees.


If we want to please the Lord; if we want His mercy, then we should always use our tongue to vibrate the Holy Name. In other words, we should strictly follow the vow of chanting 16 rounds daily. Even though chanting of the Holy Name is beneficial in all circumstances, we should endeavour to chant without offenses.


"The Lords pastimes are being performed not just in Vrindavana, Mathura or Dvaraka, but they are being performed wherever the Lord if being worshipped. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotees are not interested in prajalpa. They are not interested in idle talk. Freedom by surrender"


"Prabhupada used to say that the heart is as black as coal. Normally coal,cannot become white, but the chanting of the holy name is so powerful that it can convert the black coal-like heart into a white heart. Freedom by surrender"


"If one has worked hard for Krsna, Krsna is not going to forget that. We should always keep this in mind that devotional service, whatever we do will never go in vain, and whatever service we are asked, we should do it with love for the pleasure of the lord. Freedom by surrender"


"Sometimes our devotees say that I have been exploited or that I have been overused, but there is no question of spiritual exploitation, Whatever service one has done stays to ones eternal spiritual credit, otherwise the whole Bhagavad-Gita would become false. Freedom by surrender"


"In the initial stages we may execute devotional service as a matter of duty, but if we sincerely do it as a matter of duty, that duty will culminate in love, then we will want to lovingly serve Krsna. Freedom by surrender"


"In Bhagavad-Gita, Krsna says that he wants our devotional service with love, not just out of compulsion. Freedom by surrender"


"This also we should be aware of, because very often when things get difficult, we tend to get discouraged. But we should always remember that Krsna is watching us, and if we persist hoping that Krsnas mercy will fall, Krsna will definitely benedict the devotee. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotee hopes against hope that Krsna will bestow his mercy upon him. He never gets discouraged. He is confident that if he endeavours in executing devotional service to the best of his ability, Krsna will definitely help him out. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotee stays away from all types of material attractions because they keep him away from the lotus feet of the lord. The lotus feet of the lord are only accessable to those who are materially exhausted. Freedom by surrender"


"We should take spiritual life very seriously, always keeping the enemy in the forefront of our mind. We do not want to keep the enemy behind. We always want to beware of the enemy so that we can keep our spiritual position safe. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotee does not long for any respect for his service. He is ready to offer all respect to others, but for himself, he does not want any respect. Freedom by surrender"


"We should never forget that our business is to engage in devotional service 24 hours a day. Prabhupada used to say that when the devotee goes to sleep, he dreams about Krsna. This way the devotee is always engaged in the process of devotional service. Freedom by surrender"


"This law, that anyone who wants to get the mercy of the lord must engage in devotional service 24 hours daily, applies to every initiated disciple in the Krsna Consciousness movement. Freedom by surrender"


"The members of Krsna Consciousness movement have to put themselves in the frame of the gopis. Just like the gopis, in every action they performed, they are thinking, _will Krsna be happy with this or not?î Freedom by surrender"


"In the period of the marathon, or any other period where one has to do sankirtana, one may be requested to work extended hours, one may have to go out in the cold, but he does not let these things bother him because he is interested in seeing that Krsna is served. Freedom by surrender"


"One of the characteristics of the devotee is that he wants to reduce the burden of the lord. Freedom by surrender"


"In fulfilling the desires of the lord, one may carry some burden also- in the sense that one may find it very difficult, but because one is doing it for the pleasure of the lord, that burden becomes burden of love. Freedom by surrender"


"There is a heavy load on the lord because the lord is very concerned seeing the living entity suffer and therefore if the devotees of the lord help the lord take this load off, the lord becomes very indebted to them. Freedom by surrender"


"The Krsna Consciousness devotees, unlike the standard materialists, are not hypocrites. They genuinely want to follow what they preach. Freedom by surrender"


"Following the regulative principles may appear to be burdensome. Getting up in the morning for mangala-arti, it may appear to be very troublesome, or coming to the class or being awake in the class may appear to be troublesome, but these are all burdens of love, because in the long run they will guarantee ones entrance into Kingdom of God, where once again one will experience happiness. Freedom by surrender"


"Just like the government considers it their responsibility to maintain roads and highways so that the traffic can move, similarly the ideal government should also consider it their responsibility to keep the roads and highways open by which the people can go back to godhead. Freedom by surrender"


"The members of Krsna Consciousness movement must be fully convinced that without Krsna one cannot be happy. Freedom by surrender"


"For a devotee, being situated in the heavenly planets and being in the hellish planets are equal, for the devotee lives neither in heaven not in hell but with Krsna in the spiritual world. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotee, when he is in a difficult position, or when during sankirtana some difficult position arises, he just does not blame somebody else, rather he blames himself. Freedom by surrender"


"Complete understanding is when one puts himself in the position of the Gosthanandi _ that is he wants to follow the path of vaidhi-bhakti, but at the same time he wants to immerse himself into the madhyama-adhikari spirit of preaching. Freedom by surrender"


"Execution of devotional service means placing the devotee in vaikuntha. Freedom by surrender"


"The whole business of spiritual life is to give up material desires, and if you are maintaining material desires in spite of chanting the Hare Krsna mantra, then spiritual progress will become very very difficult. This is comparable to someone who is trying to light fire and pour water on it at the same time. That is not possible. Freedom by surrender"


"We may tell everyone to chant Hare Krsna, but we dont have to explain the spiritual significance of the Hare Krsna mantra to everyone till we see that he is sincere in chanting. Freedom by surrender"


"When we chant Hare Krsna mantra, we should chant with some love, with some feeling, and with the desire to please Krsna. Not that I have a quota to perform, so I will run through my 16 rounds. This is like a formality or a ritual. Freedom by surrender"


"The devotee, especially after initiation, takes spiritual life very seriously. He is very careful not to commit any mistakes at all especially intentionally. If some sin takes place accidently, then it is another thing. But intentionally, to think that now I am chanting Hare Krsna and I am becoming purified, so let me also do some sins on the side and it will be covered by my chanting, this is a great offense. Freedom by surrender"


"Genuine atonement means giving up sinful activities once for all, and engaging the senses in the service of the lord. Freedom by surrender"


"If we want to expand this Krsna Consciousness movement, then all of us have to work together. This must be clearly understood. So I would like to request the disciples who are being initiated today to be very respectful and cooperate with the temple authorities, and by cooperating with the temple authorities and listening to them, one actually pleases the spiritual master also. Freedom by surrender"


"Whatever ability we have, whatever examples we give, whatever instructions we give, they are all coming from Srila Prabhupada. Our position is just like that of a parrot, who just repeats what he has heard. Freedom by surrender"